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Revolutionary breakthrough for meeting most severe power supply environment : Solid Industrial inverter/AVR/UPS/charger

  • Power input range AC 100~240V
  • Stands up to 200~300% overload
  • Pure sine wave: 3KW up to 20KW
  • Battery/Utility/Solar
  • Programmable : AVR, current, priority, voltage
  • Remote monitoring
  • Built-in charger, 24V, 75AH
  • Priority programmable : battery/utility
  • Auto Transfer/by-pass
  • Digital display, terminal strip
Electrical Application Diagram:
Digital display: indicating system operation info:
  • Input voltage, wattage, frequency, current…
  • Output voltage, wattage, frequency, current, discharging current…
  • Load supply source: utility (AC), battery or panel (PV)
  • Operation mode: inverter, bypass, or mains
  • Battery status: battery type, voltage, charging current, battery level, charging status, floating mode, charging level…
  • Warning and fault code: over loaded, over heated…..

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