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Hotware's New Product! Unmanned vehicle/robot control module


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It is a wireless module for remote control and monitor, robots, drones, bus, cars and etc.!

Hotware has launched a new product for special application & solution, UMM-400-27. The UMM-400-27 is a wireless module for controlling remote unmanned devices like robots, drones, boats, buses/cars..etc. it is a long range wireless control module good for IoT intigation and applications..
Unmanned vehicle/robot series UAV/robot/vehicle/boat/drone

  • UMM4000-27-Hotware
  • UMM4000-27-Hotware
The UMM4000-27 is a 5 GHz (4.9 – 5.9 GHz) range HT-OFDM tactical MESH Ad-Hoc IP Radio.
The UMM4000-27 is designed to be light and easy to carry and install. The built-in mesh ad-hoc software can quickly communicate with existing MULTI-MIMO fixed stations and mobile vehicle models to complete a tactical MESH Networks. Also equipped with The 2x2 MIMO antenna system design makes the transmission distance can be efficient Increase, and multipath issues of harsh environment can be effectively overcome.
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