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Project Oriented Wireless Networking Solution

Do you have problem delivering your projects? Do you have special wireless networking demands that you don’t find proper solution for it? Are you suffering existing wireless issue? Please let's help you.
Our wireless fiber master is designed for difficult wireless networking projects, it supports:
  • Fully non-LOS up to KMs;
  • Interference-solution;
  • Multi-hops with limited throughput drop, up to 20 hops
  • IP control and throughput aggregate
  • Customization: 20MHz up to 7GHz; multi-path, multi-hop; we do customization on project base!!!
It is good for:
  • Security & surveillance: oil field, big farming, plantation, ranch, far rural mining, municipal street surveillance;
  • Military/police reconnaissance and patrol: border patrol, woods ranger, coast guard, army, navy… triple play communications;
  • Rescue & disaster control: fire brigade, coast guard, triple play communications.
  • Long range triple play communications backhaul for telecom service.
For your successful projects delivery, please contact us today for Project Oriented Wireless Networking Solution

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