About Hotware

Hotware International Co. Ltd., is a dedicated solution provider for professional and difficult projects. We manufacture and design solutions for difficult projects in 2 major categories :

Related website : hotware.en.taiwantrade.com

Industrial grade power master : inverter/solar charger/AVR/UPS, robust as a tank, never down never broken, pure sine wave, features programmable, stands up to 200~300% overload !

Your solar project solutions
  • Home solutions
  • Ranch solutions
  • Village mini power plant solutions
  • System operation status checkable through WiFi/Internet
Military sector RF master : Long range wireless networking, high speed, non-LOS, interference proof, 4G/5G catch router.

Are you suffering Wi-Fi problems and power outage?
We fix it for you by follows:
  • Fully non-LOS up to KMs
  • Interference – free
  • Throughput aggregation
  • Customization on project base
  • Multi-hops with limited throughput drop
  • Unbreakable inverter/AVR/UPS and solar charge solutions