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Revolutionary innovation for fixing problems of traditional WI-FI

For the long-haunted Wi-Fi problems, Hotware International has introduced a new effective solution, the HOP series, Multi-hops: No throughput drops up to 20 hops, to fix the traditional blockade of LOS (line of sight) and “string installation” of Wi-Fi.
  • The key & core of the HOP series is “no throughput drops” up to 20 hops!! Traditionally the throughput will be halved for each hop and then exhausted after 3rd hop. But Hotware HOP series innovation fixes such deadlock. With “no throughput drops” for 20 hops, it performs at least 3 advantages (or cure) as follows,

    1. It can perform the application of linear/string set-up along with street, highway or railway; or a boundary of field, ranch, yard….
    2. With the multi-hop the coverage can be very flexible and very long distance, up to dozens miles;
    3. With the multi-hop there are enough options to overcome the LOS issue, so it is a true and eventual non-LOS solution.
Application scenario and networking diagram as follows:
The HOP series, consists of 3 models as follows,

  1. Hop-2051c-27: 5GHZ 2T2R MIMO with RF port for antenna selection (depends on the applications), as start/end base
  2. Hop-1053c-53:5GHz 2T2R MIMO with embedded 26-dBi panel antenna (make it EIRP total 53dBm); as start/end base
  3. Hop-2052C-relay:dual MIMO (4T4R), for performing as ‘relay base’, each one for connecting up and down base.
By hop scenario, it can fit all kind of distance and shape, and “fix” the LOS issue efficiently.

Total throughput up to 320Mbps, easy and efficient for carrying data backbone along with a linear deployment (like for street, railway, highway, high speed rail…); each string can up to 20-hop with very limited throughput drop. It can easily carry tremendous data and mange the LOS issue.

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