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The Wi-Fi problem cure master

It is a RF revolution for fixing all problems of existing WiFi !!
It is a new platform basing on “NON-LOS”, “Interference-Free”,”Multi-hop” and “IP management and aggregate”, while “customization on project base” as adding vantage. The core expertise drives from LTE(4G) network + 600MHz TDMA with proprietary IC and firmware design aiming at supporting all most challenging applications and locations like mining, marine, city street surveillance, police surveillance system, bus route line feed, POS (LTE backhaul + UHF last mile), portable MESH system for fast deployment for disaster site (firing, flooding, quake…), telemetry, border patrol…..etc
With "NON-LOS", "Interference-Free", "Multi-hops" and "IP management and Aggregate", it will fix all incurable problems of existing traditional WiFi technology, as a WIFI PROLBEM CURE MASTER for all kind of RF cancers (such as LOS, interference, limited coverage…) that suffered by Wi-Fi users.

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