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Industry-grade Inverter from Hotware International.

Hotware international has begun its career as the pioneer of outdoor long-range wireless LAN application since year 2000. And Hotware has now again, as the pioneer, evolved itself from WiFi maker to WIFI problem cure master with its newly released “WIFI problem cure master” series, on-site power supply is also usually needed, so Hotware also provides the industry-grade inverter as a package.
Industry-grade Inverter auto transfer UPS and charger from Hotware International includes 3-Phase and Single Phase 3 to 100kw which are stackable . Main markets are utility providers, BPO's, medical clinics , remote dwellings and critical care needs.
  • Industry-grade 10KW-40KW
    Industry-grade 10KW-40KW

    Features Highlights:
    1. CPU controlled, high quality, 3 input 3 output
    2. Widely used in building lighting, road lighting, electric power, communications, medical, industrial mining enterprises etc.
    3. IGBT module: high efficiency, low loss, high power, static switch, complete isolation among phases.
    4. EMI filter equipped, stable output

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  • Industry-grade 1KW-6KW
    Industry-grade 1KW-6KW

    Features Highlights:
    1. CPU controlled, high quality and modify sine wave intelligent inverter
    2. Our product is used for the many kinds of single-phase equipment, for example: motor, screw tools, tube light etc. Family equipment, and also it can be used for the industry and communication equipment.
    3. Single key intelligent switching, easy to operated
    4. Output short circuit protection (when the inverter is working on battery mode): when there is a short circuit, the inverter will indicate it and the machine will shut down automatically.
    5. Overload protection: when there is overload, the machine will prompt you and protect the inverter from being damaged automatically. Over 100%-120%, inverter shuts down 30s later, over 150%, inverter shuts down at once.
    6. Internal circuit can protect the battery .when the battery voltage is under the 15% level, the inverter will be shut down at once.

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Single Phase
  • Industry-grade Inverter, 3KW-6KW
    Industry-grade Inverter, pure sine wave/AVR/UPS/charger all in 1, 3KW-6KW

    Features Highlights:
    • Pure sine wave inverter: 3000 Watt ~ 6000 Watt (NOT KVA!!)

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  • Industry-grade Inverter, 8KW~12KW
    Industry-grade Inverter, pure sine wave/AVR/UPS/charger all in 1, 8KW~12KW

    Features Highlights:
    • Pure sine wave inverter: 8000 Watt ~ 12,000 Watt (NOT KVA!!)

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About Hotware
Apart from the WiFi industry where Hotware International began her field since year 2000. Hotware has evolved and transformed herself as the provider of wide-area wireless networks for the most challenging applications and locations like mining, marine, city street surveillance, police surveillance system, bus route line feed, POS (LTE backhaul + UHF last mile), disaster site (firing, flooding, quake…)…..etc basing on her revolutionary and unique UHF non-LOS technology, and narrow band for interference, and serial multi-hop technology making Hotware as the cure master for unsolvable issues of LOS, interference…as RF cancers suffered by traditional WiFi solution. It is a new revolutionary technology beyond the existing traditional WiFi solution which has come to the end of the road.

Tel.: +886-3-4639125
Fax: +886-3-4639367

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