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Mobile LTE router with dome antenna for vehicle and ATM.

Wonder how is the LTE network and service in your country? Are you away from the LTE base station? It is ok, if the LTE base station is not so dense and usually far away, no problem, here is our new mobile LTE router, with its high gain dome antenna, it can connect very well at all the LTE base in 10Km radius.
  • LTE industrial Router for ATM bank and Bus app
  • Optional Dome
It is an innovation for below-listed applications!
Mobile WiFi service for Bus/train/duty vehicle (like ambulance)
Connection for POS/ATM

mobile LTE
LTE router applications
Wi-Fi service for Bus/ Train or conncetion for POS/ ATM.

  • The Bus roof has cross members TRUSSES. Here you see the AC unit which will be mounted just behind a cross truss.
  • The antenna should be mounted in fromt of the AC unit. The unit is completely weatherproof.
  • For more information of the products, please click HERE!
mobile LTE
All About Hotware
Hotware International launches RF revolution for fixing all problems of the traditional WiFi.
As the WiFi problem cure master, problems and limits of micro wave and WiFi are now curable !! We fix it for you by follows,

  1. Fully non-LOS
  2. Interference-Free
  3. Multi-hops technology
  4. Bandwidth aggregate
  5. Customization on project base

Apart from the WiFi industry where Hotware International began her field since year 2000. Hotware has evolved and transformed herself as the provider of wide-area wireless networks for the most challenging applications and locations like mining, marine, city street surveillance, police surveillance system, bus route line feed, POS (LTE backhaul + UHF last mile), disaster site (firing, flooding, quake…)…..etc basing on her revolutionary and unique UHF non-LOS technology, and narrow band for interference, and serial multi-hop technology making Hotware as the cure master for unsolvable issues of LOS, interference…as RF cancers suffered by traditional WiFi solution. It is a new revolutionary technology beyond the existing traditional WiFisoluiton which has come to the end of the road.
Any interest in our products could email to or directly contact us online!
Tel.: +886-3-4639125

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