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Built-in AVR module saving hundreds of USD of AVR kit

* A new innovation on our inverter/charger that might interest you: the AVR module (AC detector for regulator function) saving you hundreds of USD of AVR kit. The unique vantages are as follows:
The unique ‘AVR module’ will filter out voltage above AC260~280 (programmable) and below 200~160AC (programmable) voltage, or you can simply define a voltage range, say like 200V~280V, and the charger will only perform charging during this voltage range; the AVR range is very wide from 150V up to 300V, programmable !! By doing so, it will effectively protect the charger board up to 99%. As common knows that most people suffer from the fluctuation of electricity power that damage the inverter/charger devices due to the sudden up and down voltage. With this new regulator module, it will protect our charger perfectly. And saving you hundreds of USD for the AVR kit !!!
It will be a very good topic and story to arouse the customer attentions, and a good mean to differentiate ourselves from other vendors, and it will enlarge our leading from our followers.

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