About Hotware

About Hotware

About Hotware

Hotware International launches RF revolution for fixing all problems of the traditional WiFi.

As the WiFi problem cure master, problems and limits of micro wave and WiFi are now curable !! We fix it for you by follows,

Fully non-LOS !!
Interference-Free !!
Multi-hops technology!!
Bandwidth aggregate !!
Customization on project base!!

Apart from the WiFi industry where Hotware International began her field since year 2000. Hotware has evolved and transformed herself as the provider of wide-area wireless networks for the most challenging applications and locations like mining, marine, city street surveillance, police surveillance system, bus route line feed, POS (LTE backhaul + UHF last mile), disaster site (firing, flooding, quake…)…..etc basing on her revolutionary and unique UHF non-LOS technology, and narrow band for interference, and serial multi-hop technology making Hotware as the cure master for unsolvable issues of LOS, interference…as RF cancers suffered by traditional WiFi solution. It is a new revolutionary technology beyond the existing traditional WiFisoluiton which has come to the end of the road.

This new product and solution are made of Hotware self-developed “proprietary” firmware and chip design, NOT common chipset from giant IC company, so all is on proprietary base and unique platform aiming at revolutionary solution presented as follows:

  1. We provide the 'cure' for "interference" and "LOS"; these 2 issues are no longer the cancer with our proprietary solution;

  2. We create unique solution of 'narrow bandwidth', 'high power' and 'circle polarity" antenna which are efficient cure for the RF cancer as mentioned (LOS limitation, interference, long range limit, hop limit….etc);

  3. it ranges from CB (20MHz) up to 7GHz; but now 600MHz (UHF) as first stage;

  4. it supports a series multi-hops efficiently, a liner scenario up to 20 hops on it with limited throughput drop for flexible applications.

  5. it supports LTE and UHF application for NON-LOS in saturated business areas; and also marine application on sea at 15km from the coast (for oil well, yacht, ferry ….);

  6. it supports the long range wireless surveillance with solid connection for city streets, disaster site, highway, mines, marine, remote site monitoring;

  7. it supports fast deployment mesh system (UHF as backhaul while 2.4GHz WiFi as last mile blanket) by portable repeater station (UHF + 2.4GHz WiFi);

  8. special throughput aggregate switch can make 4 link as 1; to aggregate multi link bandwidth as one big bandwidth;

  9. built-in NMS with mapping, coordinates, and control of IP devices; a DEMS (Device Embedded Management System)

We are not to compete, but to solve and fix your wireless installation problems. We are the WiFi problems curer master, we provide the efficient cure for your WiFi installation issues.

Finally, this is a totally different field from the ‘traditional’ WiFi which has come to its end. This revolutionary solution is an efficient and effective cure to all RF cancer (problems and issues) of today. So get psychologically prepared to find and save a RF cancer victim (a man with RF problem, who has money and is desperately to fix his RF network), he WILL PAY whatever asked and offered. Go and find the “rich cancer victim” .

Contact us today as follows to get your problem fixed and project started.