DC-AC Energy Management Solutions
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jump start + power bank


Versatile Jump Start with Power Bank Saving stalled vehicle !!
Charging hand-set, pad, laptop on moving !!
Power supply for car device on moving !!

* Short circuit protection
* Wrong polarity protection
* Low battery protection
* Spark free when connecting to car battery
* Battery status detection
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*USB port x 2 for DC5V/2.5A output =>for charging smart phones
*Support DC jack x 1 for DC9~12.6V/3.5A output
*Support micro USB x 1 for DC5V/1~2A charging input
*Support DC jack x 1 for 12V/1~2A charging input
*integrated LED light (3-mode supported)
*low voltage protection (shut down all operations on below 10VDC)
*Replaceable battery case for power expansion
*Support 400A (600A) of loading current (peak current) for 5.0L gasoline/2.5L diesel emergency start
*Protection on short circuit, reverse polarity, Inverse output-pole-connection, and input low voltage
*Auto check and alarm on power cable faulty
*Support LED aux signals, easy in operation
*Spark-free while connecting to vehicle battery
*Force output mode for case of dead battery (or no battery)
*Able to check vehicle battery status for precaution purpose
*Support portable 12VDC car power jack for all car electronic devices for convenient outdoor & outcar use.
*Support car electronic devices like: air compressor, vacuum cleaner, DC12V car fan, LED lamp; charger, warnning lamps, DC12V impact wrench for tire-change…..etc.
*Using with DC-AC inverter for portable AC power suppy for outdoor convenience.

Power Bank
Item Description
Charging Input Micro USB: DC5V/1A
DC jack: DC12V/1A
USB/DC output USB x 2: DC5V/2.5A (max.)
DC jack x 1: DC9~12V/3.5A
EC5 output DC9~12.6V (400A/<3 sec., 600A/max.)
Battery pack 11.1V/3000mAh
Product size /Weight LxWxH = 110 x 62 x 68mm
Weight = 438g
Power indicator Blue LED x 1
Battery indicator Red LED x 4
Power switch TACT switch x 1
LED Lighting 0.6W
LED Lamp mode Constant light-on/slow flashing fast flashing
Jump Start Up to 5.0L gasoline/2.5L diesel
Item Description
Input voltage DC10.8~15V ± 0.1V
Operating / peak current 400A/600A (max.)
Forward on voltage 0.3V (@300A)
Input interface EC5 plug
Output interface Red / Black Clamps
Operating switch TACT switch x 1
Manual-operation Output time 20 ± 2 sec.
Power- on indicator Blue LED
In-action indicator Green LED
Alarm indicator Red LED
Power-check indicator for car battery Green / Red+Green / Red-flashing LED
Output Cable Length 150 ± 5mm / 10 AWG
Control box size L x W x H = 78 x 48 x 31mm
Weight 192g
Portable Car Safety Adapter for car use electronic devices-EC5 adapter
Item Description
Input Voltage DC10~15V ± 0.1V
Loading Current 30A(max.)
Input interface EC5 plug
Output Interface Car cigarette socket
Adjustable range of output angle 5 directions
Power Indicator Blue LED
Product Size L x W x H =74 x 33 x 49 mm
Product Weight 45g
300/400/500A Powerful Jump-start cable
EC5 to car adapter for 12VDC electronic devices

Innovative Powerful Jump-start cable Good helper of vehicle electric appliances
• Up to 300- 500A loading current and 450-750A peak.
• Short-circuit protection.
• Reverse-polarity protection.
• Inverse output-pole-connection protection with alarm.
• Able to check vehicle battery power level. (PJS-300R is excluded)
• Low-voltage protection.
• Auto safety check and alarm while the rescue power pack is fault.
• Support LED aux signals, easy in operation.
• Spark-free while connecting to vehicle battery.
• Manual car-booster model designed.

Item Description Item Description
Input voltage DC10.8~15V ± 0.1V Power indicator Blue LED
Loading/peak current PJS-500R: 500A/750A(max.) PJS-400R: 400A/600A(max.) PJS-300R: 300A/450A(max.) Forward on voltage PJS-500R:0.25V(@300A) PJS-400R:0.30V(@300A) PJS-300R:0.50V(@300A)
Power-check indicator for car battery Green/red + green/red-flashing LED (PJS-300R is excluded) Control box size L x W x H = 78 x 48 x 31mm
Output Cable Length PJS-500R:150 ± 5mm/8AWG PJS-400R:150 ±5mm/10AWG PJS-300R:150 ±5mm/10AWG Product Weight PJS-500R: 207g
PJS-400R: 192g
Pjs-300R: 184g
Initiation indicator Green LED Alarm Indicator Red LED
Input interface EC5 plug Output interface Red/ Black Clamps
Operation switch TACT switch x 1 Manual-operation Output time 20 ± 2 seconds
Operation and LED indications
Item Description
Turn on/off Press and hold “Operating switch “ button for one second to turn on: power is off automatically when standby time exceeds 180 seconds.
Manual forced-output After boost, press and hold “ Operating switch “ button for three seconds to activate the forced power output for 20 seconds.
In action Indicator Green LED is lit on automatically after output clamp-cables connect to car battery correctly or manual mode is initiated.
Battery-power-check indicator (PJS-300R is excluded) Show normal/weak/low statues by green/yellow + green/ red-flashing light respectively.
Power indicator Blue LED is lit on after boost-up
Alarm Red LED is lit with buzzle sound when wrong pole connecting is made or product is in fault.

Trade Information
  • Country of Origin : Taiwan
  • Main Export Markets : ASEAN, M.E., Africa
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  • Payment Terms : by TT before shipment
  • Others : CPU controlled intelligent inverter, charger, solar solutions for UPS, power supply applications
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  • Lead Time : 30 Days