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XLIN D series 4G/LTE

Industry LTE Router for Internet service for serving family, SOHO, ATM bank and Bus
Mobile LTE router applications –
Mobile WiFi service for Bus/train, or ...

XLIN-200-mini 4G/LTE

Mini GPRS/3G/4G ROUTER with WI-FI AP for handy Internet service
Service for SOHO office, chain stores, POS, bus, 7-11, taxi, uber, ambulance…
mini GPRS/3G/ ...

XLIN-5G-1000 Industry 5G router

5G router With super outdoor dome antenna & WiFi AP for handy Internet service
XLIN-5G-1000 is a wireless communication router for the Internet of Things. It uses public ...

XLIN-5G-500 industry 5G router

Super outdoor dome antenna and WiFi for handy Internet service
XLIN-5G-500 is a wireless communication router for the Internet of Things (IoT), it uses a ...
Intelligent Management Panel
The system operation status and related setting are checkable through long range WIFI and ...


4x4 MIMO Outdoor Multi-hop relay/extend radio
WiFi cure master
Multi-MIMO ...


20-hop outdoor Base/End radio
WiFi cure master
MIMO series ...


20-hop outdoor Base/End radio with 26-dBi antenna
WiFi cure master
MIMO series ...


IP68 Outdoor 4G / LTE Router With 600MHz TDMA Base Station
HOTWARE LTE-0633S-BASE 4G/LTE Router with 600MHz TDMA Base Station is a highly reliable an ...


Indoor 600MHz micro wave CPE with router
HOTWARE LTE-0633S-CPE1D is a 600MHz SISO HT-OFDM CPE works at UHF Band for NLOS industrial ...


Indoor 600MHz micro wave receiver with 2.4GHz 802.11n WiFi router
Hotware LTE-0633S series 600MHz 2 Watts SISO HT-OFDM CPE consists of 3 models:
1. LTE-0633 ...