Mobile MESH
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C-band, 3-watt, 2x2 MIMO  Mobile/fixed Mesh Station


C-band, 3-watt, 2x2 MIMO Mobile/fixed Mesh Station

C band, 3W, 2x2 MIMO MESH Station

The UMM4001-34 is a 2x2 MIMO IP radio under 5 GHz C- band 3-watt high power fixed/mobile MESH station.
The UMM4001-34 is designed for OTM (on the move) as vehicle station. The built-in mesh ad-hoc software can quickly communicate with existing MULTI-MIMO fixed stations and mobile vehicle models to complete a tactical MESH Networks. Equipped with The 2x2 MIMO antenna system design makes the transmission range be efficiently increased, and with its multipath vantages, harsh environment issues can be effectively managed.
It is meant for remote controlling and monitoring unmanned robots, drones, boats, bus/cars, vehicles.
The high power 3-watt/34dBm is specially suitable for deployment in emergency spots with effective coverage. With unmanned vehicle mobile MESH units (UMM-4000), it can easily perform tactical mesh network tasks. Sending back video streams from UMM mobile MESH devices.

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Operating Frequency 4900 – 5900 MHz
Modulation HT-OFDM
Output power 34 dBm +/- 1.5dBm
Sensitivity -92 dBm
Channel Bandwidth 5 ~ 40MHz
Antenna Connector Type N – Female
Type TNC Female x 1 (GPS receiver)
Antenna System 2x2 MIMO
Operating mode of OFDM PTP/PTMP/Mesh Ad-Hoc
IP Throughput of OFDM 100 Mbps in 20 MHz BW
GPS GPS coordinates and internet map database
Security 128 AES Encryption / proprietary protocol / MAC address control
Interfaces 3 pins (DC In)
M12 ethernet port x 2
SNMP agents MIB II
Management & setup Web-based
Power Consumption Max.65 W
Power feed DC 36 –72 V
Waterproof IP67
Dimension/ Weight 246 x 219.4 x 89.5 mm/ 3.89KG
Notes: All Specifications are typical values and subject to change without prior notice.