Mobile MESH
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UMM-400cd,NON-LOS TVWS Mobile MESH Unmanned UAV/vehicle/boat/drone


TVWS Mobile MESH non-LOS unmanned UAV/vehicle/boat/drone

Non-LOS Mobile MESH IP Radio

The UMM400CD is a IP radio under 610/675MHz UHF range for non-LOS mobile MESH applications.
The UMM400CD is designed to be light and easy to carry and install. The built-in mesh ad-hoc software can quickly communicate with existing non-LOS TVWS base fixed stations and mobile vehicle models to complete a tactical MESH Networks. Also equipped with The UHF non-LOS broadband system design makes the transmission distance can be efficiently and flexibly increased, thereby harsh environment issues can be effectively overcome.
Its non-LOS capability is just for remotely control and monitor unmanned robots, drones, boats, bus/cars.

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Operating Frequency 600 – 620 MHz (UMM400c-610)
665 – 685 MHz (UMM400d-675)
Modulation HT-OFDM
Output power 27 dBm
33 dBm (Advanced version)
Channel Bandwidth 1 ~ 20 MHz
Antenna System SISO
Antenna Connector Type N – Female
Interfaces 3 pins (DC In)
9 pins (Ethernet)
6 pins (RS232 Data Traffics & Reset)
Operating mode of OFDM PTP/PTMP/Mesh Ad-Hoc
IP Throughput of OFDM 40 Mbps in 20 MHz BW
GPS GPS coordinates and internet map database
Security 128 AES Encryption / proprietary protocol / MAC address control
Management & setup Web-based
SNMP agents MIB II
Dimension / Weight 144 x 85.5 x 46, mm / 340 g
Power Consumption Max. 12 W
Power feed DC 12 – 24 V
Waterproof IP67
Ordering information UMM-400c-610, 600~620 MHz 0.5W non-LOS unmanned vehicle radio
UMM-400d-675, 665~685 MHz 0.5W non-LOS unmanned vehicle radio
UMM4005-2GMIMO, 2.2 – 2.56 GHz 0.5 W Unmanned Vehicle radio
UMM4001-5GMIMO, 4.9 – 5.9 GHz 0.5 W Unmanned Vehicle radio