3 Phase
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3-Phase,Industry-grade 1KW-6KW


Industry-grade 1KW-6KW

Features Highlights:
  1. CPU controlled, high quality and modify sine wave intelligent inverter
  2. Our product is used for the many kinds of the single-phase equipments, example: motor, screw tools, tube light etc. Family equipments, and also it can be used for the industry and communication equipments.
  3. Single key intelligent switching, easy to operated
  4. Output short circuit protection (when the inverter is working on battery mode): when there is short circuit, the inverter will indicate it and the machine will shut down automatically.
  5. Overload protection: when there is overload, the machine will prompt you and protect the inverter from being damaged automatically. Over 100%-120%, inverter shuts down 30s later, over 150%, inverter shuts down at once.
  6. Internal circuit can protect the battery .when the battery voltage is under the 15% level, the inverter will be shut down at once.
Digital display: indicating system operation info:

  1. LCD display
  2. LINE City Power light: if the machine works normally on city power made, the lamp will be always on; if the machine is off and city power is normal, the lamp will flash and it indicates that the machine is charging automatically.
  3. INV lighting means inverter circiut working well;
  4. Fault when inverter work mistake, it will flash
  5. CHA battery recharge
  6. ON/ OFF Manual turn on/button
  7. CHK parameter inquire button

Model TP-1K TP-2K TP-3K TP-5K TP-6K
Rated Power (W) 1000 2000 3000 5000 6000
DC input voltage 48VDC 96/192V
AC Input voltage 3Phase 380VAC/220VAC(Custom)
AC Input frequency 45—65Hz
AC output voltage 380VAC±5%/50Hz±1%
Output wave Pure sine-wave
Transfer time <20ms
Charge current Max 20A
Protection Input/output over high or low protecting; low battery protecting; surge and pike-currents protecting; overload protecting 100%-120% 30sec; >120% 100ms; >150%, 50ms output short circuit <150ms
Operation temperature 0-40℃
Humidity 0-90%(non-condensing, max)
Machine size/Package size 565×230×517mm / 655×320×620 mm 590×470×730 mm / 690×570× 850mm
Net /Gross weight 55kg/60kg 90kg/112kg
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