3 Phase
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3-Phase,Industry-grade 10KW-40KW
Features Highlights:
  1. CPU controlled, high quality, 3 input 3 output
  2. Widely used in building lighting, road lighting, electric power, communications, medical, industrial mining enterprises etc.
  3. IGBT module: high efficient, low loss, high power, static switch, complete isolation among phase.
  4. EMI filter equipped, stable output
Digital display: indicating system operation info:
Component Function
City power input indicator When thecity power is normal (Vin + / - 20%) lit up, and go mains failure (transfinite). Inverter machines or output short circuit fault, lit up when the battery low voltage protection.
City power charging indicator Enter into the mains charging status, charge to single batteries > 14 v go out
Inverter indicator Lit up when the output of the inverter work and put out state that inverter input.
Fault indicator Inverter malfunction or output short circuit protection, no load that when lit up.Other state go out.
Paging button When looking at the LCD screen when various parameters when press the key pages.
LCD display Four lines in both English and Chinese LCD display, display all electrical parameters of the inverter:【voltage of city power input】【 output voltage】【 output load】【 battery voltage】【 output power】and so on

Model 10KW 15KW 20KW 25KW 30KW 40KW
Rated capacity 10KW 15KW 20KW 25KW 30KW 40KW
Working mode and principle DSP precision control technology and double built-in microprocessor PWM (pulse width modulation) output power is completely isolated
AC input phase 3phases +N+G
voltage AC220V/AC380V±15%
frequency 50Hz/60Hz±5%
DC system DC voltage DC96V/DC192V/DC220V/DC240V/DC384V【You can choose16-32 12V batteries】
Floating battery Single section battery13.6V×battery No.【such as 13.6V×16 节=217.6V】
Cut-off voltage Single section battery10.8V×battery No.【such as 10.8V×16 节=172.8V】
AC output phase 3phases +N+G
voltage AC220V/AC380V±2%(steady state load)
frequency 50Hz/60Hz±5%(city power) 50Hz±0.01%(battery powered)
efficiency ≥95%(load100%)
Output waveform Pure sine wave
Total harmonic distortion Linear load<3% nonlinear load<5%
Dynamic load voltage <±5%(from 0 to 100% saltus)
Back in time <100ms
Switch time of battery and city power 3S-5S
Unbalanced voltage <±3% <±2%(balanced load voltage)
Over load ability 120% 20 秒; more than 150%,100ms
System index Working efficiency 100%load≥90%
Operating temperature -10~40℃
Relative humidity 0~90%no condensation
noise 40-50dB
structure Size D×W×H(mm) 580*750*920
Weight(Kg) 180 200 220 250 260 350
Alarm Over load Output over load,Once every 1 seconds to sing
Output serious overload protection, singing in a row
Battery supply power Once every 4 seconds to sing
Battery is low voltage, sing every 1 seconds at a time
Battery discharge will stop, singing in a row
Fault alarm continuously
Protection Battery Battery low energy automatically jump to the utility, automatic recovery after saturation.
Over load Over load(120~150%)automatically jump to city power after 20ms
Over hot Internal temperature > 85 ℃, the inverter automatically jump to the utility or close the inverter
Short circuit of output Current limiting, automatic shutdown, After the fuse and fuse switch protection, will shut off the power to restart to open it
Inverter is abnormal. Close inverter
LCD display LCD display information Display input、output voltage、battery voltage、output load and power and so on
Setting Temperature -10~40℃
Relative humidity 20%~93%(no condensation)
Altitude Altitude is less than 1000m(Each additional 100m power fell by 1%, the highest is 4000m)
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