Mobile MESH
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PMS - 624, WiFi + UHF dual-band mesh system

PMS - 624

Portable Mesh System

PMS-624 the Portable Mesh System is designed for easy, handy, prompt & flexible deployment purpose, for disaster sites and events like quake, land slide, fire fighting, flood, large scale accident….. and for big but short term events like big ceremony, commercial fair, exhibition, show, game…..and even military and police action.It supports:

• 600MHz non-LOS backhaul
• 2.4GHz near-by broadcasting (300m radius non-LOS)
• Optional LTE WAN sources.
• DC/AC power with battery pack
• Auto connection, flexible and unlimited join of MESH station
• Easy and prompt stack up per requirement


  • Easy, handy, prompt & flexible deployment
  • TV white space non-LOS for backhaul
  • Optional LTE as WAN source for redundancy purpose
  • 2.4GHz WiFi IN 300m radius non-LOS for flexible application and service.
  • DC-AC power pack for easy and fast deployment.
  • Flexible stack-up per site dynamic needs.
  • For disaster sites and events like quake, land slide, fire, flood, large scale accident….show, fair, game, ceremony, rally…..

Application Note
  • PoE 24V, 0.75A
  • Plastic Straps