DC-AC Energy Management Solutions

Solar Panel

1. Bypass diode minimizes the power drop by shade.
2. White tempered glass, EVA resin, weather proof film and anodized aluminum frame to provide efficient protection from the severest environmental conditions.
3. Waterproof (UL94, V-O). Perfecr for grid applications.
4. Product guarantee 5 years.
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Type of Module TYNP62609220
Maximum Power (W) 220
Tolerance(%) Plus
Open circuit Voltage(V) 33.32
Short circuit Current(A) 8.49
Maximum Power Voltage(V) 27.76
Maximum Power Current(A) 8
Module Efficiency(%) 14.91
Series Fuse Rating (A) 15
Termial Box IP65
Maximum System Voltage(V) DC 600 / DC 1000
Operating Temperature(℃) -40 to 85
* The measuring uncertainty of pmax is ≦±2

Quality Assurance
1. Electrical insulation test.
2. Outdoor Exposure test.
3. Hot-spot endurance test.
4. UV-exposure.
5. Thermal cycling test.
6. Humidity Freeze test.
7. Damp heat test
8. Robustness of terminations test.
9. West leakage current test.
10.Mechanical load test.
11. Hail impact test.
12. Bypass diode thermal test.
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  • Country of Origin : Taiwan
  • Main Export Markets : ASEAN, M.E., Africa
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  • Payment Terms : by TT before shipment
  • Others : CPU controlled intelligent inverter, charger, solar solutions for UPS, power supply applications
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