Success Stories

Success Stories

World Summit of French Speaking Nations (Burkina Faso)

1.Wireless Internet connectivity for participants of summit: total103 nations: 103 presidents and prime ministers, 500 delegate and press;
2.Participants device: all wi-fi complied CPE: PCMCIA, USB adapter, Centurino, WEC unit……
3.Clients covered by WL-2410/AP in door and out door.
4.Network access subject to authentication system.
5.WL-5805 (5.8GHz Bridge unit) as the back-bone to form the data network while WL-2410/AP (2.4GHz AP units) to blanket the campus, hence fully ‘wireless’and interference free.
6.After the summit, the system: 16 x backhaul + 32 x AP, will be expanded to cover whole capital city as city hot-spot.

International Hotel in Ouagadougou, capital city of Burkina Faso, as the center for the summit.
In front of the Hotel is the WL-2410/AP with 18-dbi flat panel antenna.

Press Center of the Summit

5.8GHz Bridge with grid antenna as backhaul; WL-2410/AP with omni-antenna to blanket outdoor area.
The two units, Bridge and AP, and the 2 antennas are too close to each other, may cause interference and result in disconnection from time to time. Although it was working fine during the Summit, but should be corrected (separated with 3 meters) after the summit for long term use.

WL-2410/AP with 8-dbi omni antenna on ceiling in door can cover up to 200 meters, and cross 3 floors in the building without line of sight (LOS)

WL-2410/AP with 8-dbi omni-antenna in Press Center, just one AP cover the whole center and outdoor neighboring areas

Summit staffs, delegate and Journalist laptop PC wirelessly connected by centrino

Network Component 4

Network Component 5
Other Wi-Fi complied devices

Component 6

Component 7