Success Stories

Success Stories

Harbor surveillance over WLAN – 2nd largest harbor in Indonesia (Indonesia)

1.Wireless surveillance basing on WLAN platform for harbor area;
2.Monitoring terminal, stocking, boarding and discharging areas;
3.Backhaul, AP and Client form up the surveillance network with 32 cameras;
4.Fully outdoor solution, day & night vision;
5.Basing on best image and motion quality;
6.DVR for monitoring and recording simultaneously at control room.
Network Scenario2
Due to image motion quality level and bandwidth requirement:
Up to 8 x AP/master at central office
Up to 32 x clients at remote site, each for one camera
Terminal office ScenarioH
  AP + directional antenna back-to-back scenario Directional antenna in circle

Best Coverage and Reliability !!
Big bandwidth for each tower
High flexibility of RF channel options !!

Advantages of Tower:
Beam width: 360 degree, omni-directional
Total bandwidth: Multiplied by number of AP
Channel Flexibility: 39 channels. Overlapping channels with other tower: many, many….
Component –1 Site WLAN units
802.11g, 100 mW

Plastic Outdoor unit, cost-effective entry level.
with 12-dbi flat-panel antenna integrated
Component –2 Cameras
Fastdome, 15x zoom

VT-16 outdoor housing with cooling fan and warmer
DVR software In terminal office
DVR console software: Support 16 channels per PC, real time monitoring, recording with flexible playback. Free bundled with the IP cameras.