Success Stories

Success Stories

WISP – Italy (RING application)

  AP + 120-degree antenna back-to-back scenario Each antenna covers 120 degree Distance among antennas: 3 meters RF channel spaced by 6 channels

Advantages: Best Coverage and Reliability : 360-degree!! Big bandwidth for each tower (3 times) High flexibility of RF channel options !!

Traffic Manager performs the most efficient data flow and route to NOC then WAN – key for networking efficiency

Xpress Ring Switch – ZIG-561:
Managed switch supports RING scenario, loop detection, anti-broadcast storm, route shaping – auto recovery… performing RING scenario
Hill top backhaul tower under winter    
Hill top backhaul tower under summer    
Hill top tower : AP + backhaul   AP + 120-degree sector antenna
2.4GHz AP with omni antenna
5GHz Backhaul with panel antenna
In a corner in a small village as small village POP
CPE for user    
NOC : Network Operation Center    
  Component 1: 5GHz backhaul
xLink-5801a, 802.11a, 5~5.8GHz, 200mW/23dBm Backhaul

True outdoor unit, POE design, -35c~70c, weather-proof
  Component 2: 5-watt AP
xLink-2450, 802.11b, 2.4GHz, 5Watt/37dBm Access Point

True outdoor unit, POE design, -35c~70c, weather-proof
  Component 3: Node AP 2
WL-2410/GM, 1W, 802.11g/b, (AP/Client/Repeater/Bridge) With omni antenna or sectorial 120-degree antenna; or omni-directional array with 3 x 120-degree sectorial antennas

True outdoor unit, POE design, -35c~70c, weather-proof
  Component 4: fixed CPE (100mW) Up to 7Km
ASU-24005G, 802.11g, 100mW AP/Client/Bridge/Repeater

Plastic cost-effective outdoor unit, POE design, -15c~65c, weather-proof
Component 5: fixed CPE (500mW) Up to 17Km
.The 16dBi yagi access antenna enables the “last mile” connection to customers.
.The units are the client side access points/transponders and antenna.
.They connect to a customer’s computer or router in minutes using CATV cable and a DC power adapter.
.They are weather proofed with O rings.
.They include mounting hardware.
.There are 3 variants (normal, medium and long range).
.Yagi booster antennas and cables are included to further improve signal strength and reduce interference. This improves quality of service and reduces customer complaints. Up to 20km range.
Component 7: NMS - billing WiFi City : Network Management system + Billing