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Home solutions、Ranch solutions、Village mini power plant solutions, System operation status checkable through WiFi/Internet

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Why Us ? (RF solution)
Are you a system integrator (SI) for wireless communication and networking? Do you have problem in delivering your projects? Do you have special wireless networking demands that you don’t find proper solution for it? Are you suffering Wi-Fi or other existing wireless issue? Please let’s help you.

Our “RF cure master” series will cure and fix your existing RF problems. Our team is formed by ex-researcher from national scientific institute (for missile, war plan…), it is a RF revolution that can fix your RF problems efficiently by follows.
  1. Fully non-LOS up to KMs;
  2. Interference-solution;
  3. Multi-hops with limited throughput drop, up to 20 hops
  4. IP control and throughput aggregate
  5. Customization: 20MHz up to 7GHz; multi-path, multi-hop; we do customization on project base!!!
It is good for:
  • Security & surveillance: oil field, big farming, plantation, ranch, far rural mining, municipal street surveillance, disaster center…
  • Military/police reconnaissance and patrol: border patrol, woods ranger, coast guard, army, navy… triple play communications, MANET for advance post command…
  • Drone or long range UAV (up to 30Km) applications;
  • Rescue & disaster control: fire brigade, coast guard, triple play communications.
  • Long range triple play communications backhaul for telecom service.
For your successful projects delivery, please contact us today for Project Oriented Wireless Networking Solution
Why Us ? (Power Solution)
Are you suffering power outage issue or field power supply difficulties? Our industrial-grade.
Inverter/AVR/UPS and solar charge solution enable you to manage it efficiently and effectively with following design and manufacturing :
  • Features programmable to meet site demands flexibly
  • Power input range: AC 100~240V
  • Device made as solid as a tank that is hard to break, it stands up to 200~300% overload.