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Hotware International provides long-range wireless data, voice, imaging and power management solutions supported by our strong R&D and manufacturing capabilities. With 2 decades of experience and development in the long distance cordless phone industry, we transitioned to apply our expertise to the long-range Wi-Fi arena.

After years of researching market trends and developments, we are now proud to introduce a wide variety of power management solutions to suit your needs. We offer items ranging from reliable power backup inverters to innovative solar charging systems.
Total Bridging Solutions for Long-range Telecommunications with supportive power back-up
We deliver all sorts of application packages and provide not only simple long-distance cordless phones, but also a total bridging solution for long-range wireless telecommunication, integrating services such as phone, fax, modem, Internet, LAN, voice and data. In addition, we have recently invested heavily to bring you a full line of power management equipment including power backup devices, cables, solar charging systems, solar charging controllers and more.
Turnkey Solutions Tailored to Your Specific Demands
We have a professional and dedicated division for total networking solution and turnkey packages. We provide everything from site surveys and planning, to field training, deployment and on-site trouble-shooting. We tailor packages to match our customers' needs.
Offering Complete Communication & Power Back-up Packages
We strive to offer the most complete, hassle-free and cost-effective IT wireless communication with supportive power back-up and management packages. Our four major platforms include:
E Long-range wireless LAN platform
E Power management, backup and solar power solutions
E Long distance cordless telecom platform
E VoIP and surveillance
E Total Solution Turnkey Pack
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Hotware International Co., Ltd.
1F, No. 38, Lane 838, Chuang-Ching Rd., Chung-Li, Tao-Yuan, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Tel: +886-3-4639125; Fax:+886-3-4639367

E-mail: business@hotware.com.tw
Web: www.hotware.com.tw

Office Location Service and contact
Integration Center Taiwan For solutions and integrations
Service Center Taiwan For product service and technical support
DC-AC Power & Energy Center Taiwan For power back-up & management solutions
PT. Hotware Jakarta, Indonesia
(sole distributor of VIVOTEK IP camera)

Surveillance & WLAN

Hotware Thailand
(Turnkey Division)
Bangkok, Thailand WLAN /Energy turnkey solution
Hotware Philippines
Davao, Philippines WLAN Turnkey project
E-mail: business@hotware.com.tw     Tel: +886-3-4639125  Fax:+886-3-4639367